Studio Castagno Design and technical advice

Studio Castagno

Studio Castagno was founded in January 1996 with the goal of providing services relating to the technological systems. The principal business is the design and consultancy relating to the electrical and special systems, in ordinary and special areas

Services and consulting for plant:


The Studio Castagno is capable of design, testing, technical expertise and practical reporting of earthing and protection from lightning.

Renewable energy

The company has extensive research in the field of alternative energy sector specializing in photovoltaic systems.

Fire Prevention

In parallel with the electrical engineering sector, the firm is able to provide advice on the fire compartment and is able to conduct all practices related to fire prevention.

Integrated design

Upon request, can provide the overall design of the plant infrastructure, as part of the Studio are all professionals who contribute to the realization of an integrated project.

Areas of intervention

The areas of intervention range to 360 ° and in particular cover the following areas:
• residential
• industrial
• commercial
• services
• agriculture
• hospitals
• sports
• public entertainment
• energy

Where we operate

The Company works on the whole Italian territory, in addition, since 2009, our activities have exceeded the national borders and, through collaborations with leading Italian companies, are carried out abroad, where we are following a number of projects in Europe (France and Hungary), in Africa (Democratic Republic of the Congo) and South America (Venezuela).


Services and consulting
di Castagno per. ind. Ivan

Via Roma n° 26
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P: +39.0173.509836
M: +39.339.2393136

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